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Otra genial obra documental del fotografo del planeta y autor del documental  HOME. El fotógrafo Yann Arthus Bertrand con Michael Pitiot nos invita a viajar por el Mare Nostrum desde una perspectiva diferente: desde el aire y con la pasión y espectacularidad que se respira en todas sus obras. En el Mediterráneo vivimos 427 millones de habitantes en 24 países, una cifra que, según las estimaciones, llegará 637 millones en 2025. ¿Qué le depara el futuro?


A great movie by \” A Thirsty World \” team and \”Planet Ocean \” The new event program Michael Pitiot and Yann Arthus Bertrand Music by Armand Amar and narrated by Gérard Darmon

Mediterranean, our sea to us all

She had never been filmed and narrated as such with heat , with happiness, with passion. Some countries have never filmed \” from the sky \” have opened for Michael Pitiot cameras and Yann Arthus Bertrand .

It is a great trip , close to home This is our story Marseille to Tangier , Alexandria, Rome , Barcelona to Jerusalem, to the hot deserts of cicadas Garrigues … Look at what is our common good ! In 2025 , we will be 637 million around the Mediterranean


The Mediterranean sea is more than It is a region that has seen human civilizations grow . With it , the man imagined agriculture , trade, democracy and thought written pages of the major religions of the world. The Mediterranean , today is 427 million people and 24 countries. And yet … it seems we do not see this part of the world that its wars and repeated crises . A do we forget that Mediterranean mean? A do we forget how our own history is linked to the region ? To revive this fascinating region , take the pitch. This is the challenge of this film, shot entirely in air under the direction of Yann Arthus -Bertrand .

For the first time , the Mediterranean is seen from the sky , even in its most inaccessible countries like Libya , Lebanon, Egypt or Algeria . And travel in the geography , history and the natural world sketch a message. That of a sea unique destiny , the Mare Nostrum , our sea all called Mediterranean.

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This is a 15 minutes short  video of amazing images flying over, hiking and discovering the magical Aragonese mountain Monte Perdido. This  scientific geology documentary made for the Pyrenees National Park (France) and the Comarca de Sobrarbe (Spain) in collaboration with UNESCO shows all the beutyness of the highest limestone peak in Europe in the heart of the spectacular central massif of the Pyrenees, at Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park.

Video also in French at this location: vimeo.com/112795337

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Even if it lasts some 15 minutes this one is a good resource to understand how the respiratory system works:

This other one: The Respiratory System ,  lasting 3 minutes and a half, is a good video to achieve a general view of the Respiratory System Unit:

By EducationWithVision

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This is an original, funny and  interactive Digestion Video Game by “vini vidi vlog“, it was done as a biology project. Try it!

In less than 10 minutes you can have a good general idea of the process of digestion with the enzymes implied.

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Estos dibujos latinos repasan acertadamente en menos de 2 minutos los conceptos básicos del Ecosistema y señalan algunas adaptaciones de los seres vivos en el desierto.

Este otro vídeo de 1´30´´ también da una breve idea del concepto de ecosistema, y las relaciones que se establecen en la biocenosis.

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