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Even if it lasts some 15 minutes this one is a good resource to understand how the respiratory system works:

This other one: The Respiratory System ,  lasting 3 minutes and a half, is a good video to achieve a general view of the Respiratory System Unit:

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  • Respiratory system. (general)


This 1´31´´ video can be used as a good introduction to start your study of the respiratory system.


Not so good animations but also serious information in this 1´30´´ videopedia article.


It is a video to show the respiratory system anatomy in 1´46´´ using animations mixed with real medical images.


A complete anatomy info from this medical 3D animation. It lasts 1´43´´


This one is a quite simple video made for kids to explain them very easily the parts and processes of the respiratory system (3´55´´)


In this video from teachers.tv, at 7´30´´ there is a short video with a lung dissection well explained by the teacher, it could be a good introduction for a future practice in the laboratory. And there is also an explanation about the effect of asthma on the airways.

  • Gas Exchange


With this short video we understand the function of lungs providing oxygen to the blood. : the gas exchange; explaining the relation between ventilation and physical exercise.


Short and clear video to understand the Gas Exchange concept.

  • Respiratory system diseases


A very clear video to understand the effects of asthma (it lasts just 1´16´´)


In this video (almost 2 minutes) we can see the structure of haemoglobine and the effects of smoking.

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