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Some more videos by Professor George Wolfe, this time about Ecology.

Illustration by zombra
  • Introduction to Ecology:

Ecological Organization: The Functional divisions of ecology…

  • Matter in an ecosystem

Ecosystems and Material Cycles: Water, Carbon, and Sulfur

Ecosystems and Material Cycles: Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycles

  • Energy in an ecosystem

Ecosystems: A Flow of Energy

Ecosystems: Productivity and Energy Flow

Productivity Pyramids: Visualizing Energy.

Productivity Pyramids: Pyramid of Numbers

  • Population

Population Ecology: Populations with unlimited resources

Population Ecology: The Reality of Limited Resources

Population Ecology: Intraspecific Competition

Population Ecology: Population Strategy: r vs K

Ecology at the Level of the Species: Behavior

Competitive Behaviors and Survivability

Courtship and Mating Behaviors: Survivability

  • Community or Biocenosis

Interspecific Associations: Symbiosis

Interspecific Competition: Ecological Niches

Community Ecology: Interspecific Interaction – Predation

Community Disturbance: Succession

Secondary Succession

  • Biomes

Aquatic Biomes

Terrestrial Biomes: Water-Limited environments

Land Biomes: An Overview

  • Human Effects

Toxic Accumulation and Ozone Depletion

The Effects of Human Population Growth: Lake eutrophication

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A clear video to review the basics of genetics – Heredity- and its vocabulary with a dihybrid cross as a Punnett square to clarify it all. (2´07´´)

A very short video to tell us the Mutation concept and its environmental causes.

but I prefer this other one with more or less the same content in it:

In case what you need is a great bold teacher to explain you carefully some aspects of genetics, then here you have some extra sessions by the awesome Professor George Wolfe, videos from Thinkwell’s online Biology.

They have been selected according to your 4º ESO level, even if some of these contents were not explained in our lessons.

Mendel’s Conclusions: Alternate Alleles and Dominance 9´02´´

Mendel’s Conclusions: Segregation and Recombination that is 7´49´´

Independent Assortment: An Explanation 10´47´´

Independent Assortment according to meiosis 10´21´´

Segregation and Independent Assortment 10´37´´

Determining Heterozygosity: Test Crosses 6´58´´

What Is a Dominant Gene? Intermediate inheritance 10´08´´

ABO Blood Groups: Inheritance Patterns 9´08´´Codominance and Multiple Alleles: ABO Blood types11´29´´

Sickle Cell Anemia: The case against Dominant and Recessive. 9´35´´

Translocations: 14/21 Downs 8´20´´

Problems in Heredity 13´19´´

Problems in Heredity: Chromosomal Aberrations 9´25´´

Polygenic Inheritance 9´55 ´´

Linking Genes to Chromosomes: The Work of Morgan. 9´54´´

Genetic Mutation this video includes the explanation about sickle cell anaemia, it lasts 9´56´´

The Human Genome Project: Applications 15´24 ´´ (it must be one of his very first records).

With a similar basic philosophy as Porfessor George Wolfe´s videos, I have found this young biology teacher with his own youtube channel (bozemanbiology) where we can find his homemade online lectures. According to our syllabus and related to this unit I suggest you could find useful these two links:

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Here you have a wonderful compilation of video lectures by Professor George Wolfe, to teach us the different topics about Human as an Organism. In this compilation I have chosen the videos related to our 3ESO Biology Syllabus, some of them have extra information that you will learn next years. This compilations is also very suitable as an IGCSE revision.

ilustración zombra

Thanks to the world wide web we have a wonderful teacher ready to explain us the different systems in several video-sessions  whenever we want (all of them about 10 minutes) so we can replay, stop, pause, or rewind  this marvelous teacher. Enjoy it,  I hope you like his lessons as much as I do.


Introduction to the Digestive System 11´04´´
Human Nutrition: Absorption 12´44´´
The Beginning of Chemical Digestion 10´46´´
Chemical Digestion in the Small Intestine 10´18´´
The Fate of Absorbed Nutrients15´56´´

Major Modes of Nutrition Among Organisms 12´01´´


Structure of the Human Heart 10´21´´

Human Circulation: Blood Vessels 11´22´´

What is Blood Clotting 9´22´´

Human Circulation: Blood Pressure 8´23´´


Human Gas Exchange System 14 ´58´´

Human Gas Exchange: The Roles of Respiratory Pigments 11´40´´
Carbon Dioxide Transport 4´58´´


Human Excretion: Urinary System Structure 5´15´´

Human Excretion: Waste Processing 9´29´´


The Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems and the Neuron 8´21´´

Human Regulation: Nervous System: Nerve Function and Reflexes 10´27´´
Human Regulation: The Nerve Impulse: General Events 9´23´´
Processing Centers of the Human Brain 12´07´´

Human Regulation: The Nervous System and the Action Potential 11´16´´

The Nervous System: A Phylogenetic Perspective 8´22´´

Sensory Systems: An Introduction 14´12´´

Photoreceptors and the Vertebrate Eye 14´49´´

The Ear and Hearing 10´58´´

The Ear and Equilibrium 13´06´´


The Endocrine System 10´04´´

Endocrine Function: Oscillations in Hormone Levels 9´39’’


Development of the Male and Female Reproductive Systems 8´42´´

The Anatomy of the Female Reproductive System 13´ 07´´

The Anatomy of the Female Reproductive System

The Anatomy and Function of the Male Reproductive System 17´30´´
The Testis and Hormonal Control of Male… 14´38´´
Hormonal Events during the Female Reproductive Cycle 12´30´´
The Ovarian and Uterine Cycles: Preparation for Pregnancy 8´30´´


Muscle Structure and Action 11´51´´

Motor Control: Muscle Microstructure 10´18´´

The Axial Skeleton 14´40´´

The Appendicular Skeleton 10 58´´
What are Joints 13´02´´
The Neuromuscular Junction: The Contraction Is Triggered 10´28´´


The Immune System: Structure and Function 9´31´´

HIV: An Attack on the Immune System 11´01´´
The Immune Response: Nonspecific Defenses 11´52´´
Immune Response: An Overview 11´01´´

Cancer: When Mitosis Goes Unchecked 11´24´´
Antibody Mechanisms 10´13´´
B Cells: The Humoral Response 8´36´´
T Cells: Helper T Activation 8´32´´
Immunity: Clonal Selection Theory 11´47´´
Antibodies and DNA Rearrangement 7´52´´

You can watch all
Professor George Wolfe Videos here 
(from Thinkwell's online Biology series.)

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