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Now that the IGCSE examd days are close by, I´m showing your this couple of videos from  CambridgeSchools.

This first video will help Cambridge students understand what to expect from exam day.


This second video is for Cambridge exams officers but I also find it interesting for students so that they know how we invigilators must do on that day.

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  • This is a 3 minutes video with Peter Menzel´s work from the book Hungry Planet: “Their project, “Hungry Planet,” depicts everything that an average family consumes in a given week–and what it costs — laid out in thought-provoking detail.”  (from Hungry Planet: What The World Eats | TIME)

  • Here comes an IGCSE question related to this topic and quite close to the Peter Menzel’s work


2.1 shows pie charts of the diets of two twelve year old girls, one from Europe and one from Africa.

Using information from 2.1, complete the table to compare the African diet with that of the European diet. In each box, write more or less or the same. (0.25)

dairy products cereals meat, eggs, fish sugar, sweets vegetables, fruit
African diet contains

(b)  The daily energy intake is provided mainly by carbohydrates and fats.

Select one of the food groups from Fig. 2.1 that would provide a good source of…: (0.25)

Carbohydrates: ____________________

Fats: ___________________________

(c)   With reference to the pie charts: (1)

suggest why the African girl may not grow as fast as the European girl;

suggest why the European girl is more likely to suffer from scurvy (deficiency of vitamin C) than the African girl;

suggest why the European girl is more likely to suffer from constipation and colon cancer than the African gir

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IGCSE Biology Notes 2014

Emma Lee is a Biology Student who has compiled an excellent set of notes to prepare the IGCSE Biology papers.

The result is gently shared on the web page:  Biology Notes for IGCSE 2014. Different sections keep the informations, illustration and resources to study the complete IGCSE Biology Syllabus.

And the pdf file is here: Biology Notes (all in one)

Excellent job, and thanks a lot for sharing 😉

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A funny and useful app to help you preparing the IGCSE exams from your smart phone: IGCSE Biology: GuruApp GCSE – Android Apps

You have lots of past papers available to practice, plus links to recommended slideshare presentations and youtube videos covering the Biology Sullabus for IGCSE.

The features of this app are:

800 multiple choice questions for IGCSE Biology Functionality: 1) Review questions and answers immediately 2) Available for offline viewing 3) No hidden charges 4) No login required 5) Advertising sponsored 6) Past year papers and answers


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Os presento  Quizlet: Simple free learning tools for students and teachers

una potente herramienta para estudiar usando el ordenador.

Con toda una comunidad social de estudiantes y profesores estudiando y preparando nuevos contenidos, Quizlet es una forma de animar al estudio y una muy interesante herramienta para el repaso. Las distintas actividades que ofrece se resumen en esta imagen:

En este enlace encontraréis un ejemplo de actividades para el tema Heat and Temperature de 2º ESO:



Dentro de Quizlet puedes encontrar a tus conocidos, profes o estudiantes y usar sus recursos.

Quiero recomendar el perfil en quizlet de MrExham. Él tiene una buena colección de recursos especialmente diseñados para preparar los exámenes IGCSE Biology:

IGCSE Biology – Human Reproductive Systems
IGCSE Biology – Nutrition and Biochemistry
IGCSE Biology – Digestion and Enzymes
IGCSE Biology – Control of Body Temperature
IGCSE Biology – The Kidney
IGCSE Biology – Plants and Food
IGCSE Biology – Chemical Coordination
IGCSE Biology – The Nervous System
IGCSE Biology – Smoking
IGCSE Biology – Respiration and Gas Exchange
IGCSE Biology – The Eye
IGCSE Biology – The Heart
IGCSE Biology – Blood
IGCSE Biology – Blood Vessels and Circulation
IGCSE Biology – Variation and Inheritance


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From this web http://www.biology-questions-and-answers.com/index.html

You can check a long list of biology questions and answers, for example, to prepare your ecology exam you could check this out:


1. Ecosystem Concepts
2. Biomes
3. Food Chains and Trophic Pyramids
4. Biogeochemical Cycles
5. Biodiversity
6. Ecological Interactions
7. Ecological Succession
8. Population Ecology
9. Environmental Issues

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This is the Endocrine system presentation seen in the classroom.

You will find some IGCSE questions at the final part.


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