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This is a 15 minutes short  video of amazing images flying over, hiking and discovering the magical Aragonese mountain Monte Perdido. This  scientific geology documentary made for the Pyrenees National Park (France) and the Comarca de Sobrarbe (Spain) in collaboration with UNESCO shows all the beutyness of the highest limestone peak in Europe in the heart of the spectacular central massif of the Pyrenees, at Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park.

Video also in French at this location: vimeo.com/112795337

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Last week when explaining The Earth´s Internal Energy and its effects: Earthquakes, volcanoes, folds, faults and orogenies, a couple of students form 2ºESO A, came up with a very interesting question. In fact, not all the scientist agree with a same answer.

 Why aren’t there any volcanoes in the Himalayas?

If you want to know, follow this link:


Picture by zombra (Annapurna Base Camp 2012)

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This channel by  Frank Gregorio is dedicated to providing teachers and students a powerful new resource to combat student apathy. Here, you will find dramatic, visually stunning video “trailers” in the natural sciences choreographed to powerful music, designed to motivate and inspire students at the beginning of a lesson to the wonders of Biology, Earth Science, Astronomy or Chemistry

El canal de youtube de  Frank Gregorio guarda una serie de espectaculares vídeos útiles para la clase de ciencias bilingüe, aporta un material extraordinario para combatir el desinterés del alumnado. Esta serie de vídeos sirven de introducción a las unidades de clase de ciencias, basado en la idea de tráiler presentan con música e imágenes espectaculares una serie de preguntas y conceptos para atraer la atención sobre temas de Biología, Geología, Astronomía o Química. Algunos ejemplos:

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I have found this web page with plenty of poems to work Science:

I have chosen these 2 samples that we  used in 2º ESO when speaking about Internal  Geology:


Rattle rumble,
Shook and shake,
Tremble trouble,
An earthquake!

Beneath the Earth,
Nothing waits,
Strikes and slips,
Tectonic plates…
Pushing grinding,
Will it halt?
What will happen,
To the fault?
Rattle rumble,
Shook and shake,
Tremble trouble,
An earthquake!


Melted, molten rock,
Like soup that boils,
In a crock…

Beneath the Earth,
It rolls and roils,
Beneath the Earth,
It turns and toils…
Pressure grows,
Magma escapes,
Blows through holes,
Of different shapes…Mountain cones,
Ring of fire,
Volcanoes blow,
Ash flies higher!
Magma flows,
Becomes hot lava,
Cools to make,
A place like Java…
Magma comes,
From underground,
And flows in lava,
All around…
Listen now,
Don’t interrupt,
When volcanoes blow,
They do erupt!
The different poems are classified according to these topics:

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Some links to web pages with quizzes to review the contents about the Earht´s interior and the Plate tectonics theory:

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I upload this presentation about fossils so that you can review what is a fossil, how is it formed, what are index fossils, and some pictures to identify the most common ones as ammonite, trilobite and nummulite.

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This is a quick exercise based on three geological pictures to review on the white board the main concepts related to folds and faults.

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