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These are two documents that I recommend you to practice the genetics problems.
Solutions included.

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A common lab practice in 4ESO is the DNA Extraction, before doing it in the laboratory it could be good to check this virtual practice.

In this slide presentation the process of DNA extraction is explained to make you understand its  scientific basis:

If you prefer watching a video, you can check this bilingual explanation of the lab practice.

May be you are wondering why did we add soap or detergent? or why did we add pineapple juice or tenderizer?

You can get a pdf script and more information from this excellent link:

Image by Jokulhaupar

And here by, you have a quick script to do this lab practice (based on this other one)

Home made DNA Extraction- Easy  Protocol:

  • Smash your organic sample until you get a soupy mixture. What we are going to want to use is the homogeneous solution in the middle. You probably won’t need all of this but it’s good to have extra just in case.
  • Add one tablespoonful of dish washing detergent (or soap) and a pinch of salt (NaCl) to the above solution. Slowly stir this for five minutes.
  • Add some drops of pineapple juice (or a pinch meat tenderizer) to the above solution. Again, stir for five minutes.
  • Pour and filter enough of the solution into your container to a level of two inches or so. Pour slowly out of the blender so you get the middle layer of solution.
  • Drizzle (Tilt the container and pour SLOWLY down the inside of the glass) cold alcohol into the above container. If you do this correctly, a clear layer of alcohol will be floating on top of the denser split pea solution. Add enough alcohol so there is a three inch layer above the split pea solution.
  • Now, let the container sit and observe the alcohol layer.

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Once more, here he is…

He is bold, pink shirt, yellow tie, mustache and glasses: Professor George Wolfe, probably the best biology teacher you can find on the net and this time he comes with some Genetic Engineering lectures, the first three of them are especially recommended according to our level in 4º E.S.O.  (all of them around 10 minutes).

Ilustración zombra

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Hereby a pdf document with a DNA terms glossary – There are Mitosis and Meiosis terms that can be used to play any game  for example a pictionary activity or just as memory cards to prepare the exam.

By the end of the document you have the references where I got those terms from.

I am posting as well this power point presentation in which you can find several multiple choice questions referring to this topic that come from the IGCSE exams and some definitions from the IGCSE syllabus.

And finally two more links about the cell and so…

This web page is like an interactive encyclopedia about the cell, its components and functions. It has information about DNA as well

Here you have different contents related to the topic CELLS, it is the online learning chapter from MC Graw Hill and they have online fashcards to help you studying, crosswords, questions online with selfcorrection and more.

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Hi people,

today I recommend you these 2 games about biology from the Nobel Prize web page (even if a Nobel Peace Prize as the last one can justify war, at least they still have some funny educational games online).

This first one is about the DNA helix and the matching of the bases, I thought it could be funny to be tried with the smart board.

The second one is about the cell cycle, It is motivating way to learn the cell cycle phases and meaning.

You can visit all its medicine educational games here. Have fun and learn.

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