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These are two documents that I recommend you to practice the genetics problems.
Solutions included.

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Once more, here he is…

He is bold, pink shirt, yellow tie, mustache and glasses: Professor George Wolfe, probably the best biology teacher you can find on the net and this time he comes with some Genetic Engineering lectures, the first three of them are especially recommended according to our level in 4º E.S.O.  (all of them around 10 minutes).

Ilustración zombra

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Illustration by 
Michael Dunning, found here

Talking about applied genetics or Genetic Engineering, I must absolutely reccomend this web page. Genetic Science Learning Center (2010, March 14) Teach.Genetics (TM). Learn.Genetics. Retrieved March 14, 2010, from http://teach.genetics.utah.edu/

To review the main concepts about genetics that we have studied you can follow this tour of the basics to answer the essential questions as What is a gene? What is DNA? What is a Chromosone? What is a trait? What is a protein? and what is Heredity?

You can try  making a karyotype and here you can build a DNA molecule

Then I recommend you these games or interactive activities about genetic engineering:

  • For example, about cloning




  • About Stem Cells:



  • About gene therapy:

SPACE DOCTOR you sohuld also check (TOOLS OF THE TRADE)


  • How  to make GMOs

Transgenic manipulation

  • About genetic engineering lab technics:

PCR Virtual Lab

Gel Electrophoresis Virtual Lab

DNA Extraction Virtual Lab

DNA Microaarray Virtual Lab

  • An also about such an interesting subject as Epigenetics:



From different web sites you can also check this  flash  explanation about how to clone a gene or another similar one here where restriction enzymes action is well explained.

Hereby a puzzle game plus information  to understand what GMOs are and how they are obtained.

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A clear video to review the basics of genetics – Heredity- and its vocabulary with a dihybrid cross as a Punnett square to clarify it all. (2´07´´)

A very short video to tell us the Mutation concept and its environmental causes.

but I prefer this other one with more or less the same content in it:

In case what you need is a great bold teacher to explain you carefully some aspects of genetics, then here you have some extra sessions by the awesome Professor George Wolfe, videos from Thinkwell’s online Biology.

They have been selected according to your 4º ESO level, even if some of these contents were not explained in our lessons.

Mendel’s Conclusions: Alternate Alleles and Dominance 9´02´´

Mendel’s Conclusions: Segregation and Recombination that is 7´49´´

Independent Assortment: An Explanation 10´47´´

Independent Assortment according to meiosis 10´21´´

Segregation and Independent Assortment 10´37´´

Determining Heterozygosity: Test Crosses 6´58´´

What Is a Dominant Gene? Intermediate inheritance 10´08´´

ABO Blood Groups: Inheritance Patterns 9´08´´Codominance and Multiple Alleles: ABO Blood types11´29´´

Sickle Cell Anemia: The case against Dominant and Recessive. 9´35´´

Translocations: 14/21 Downs 8´20´´

Problems in Heredity 13´19´´

Problems in Heredity: Chromosomal Aberrations 9´25´´

Polygenic Inheritance 9´55 ´´

Linking Genes to Chromosomes: The Work of Morgan. 9´54´´

Genetic Mutation this video includes the explanation about sickle cell anaemia, it lasts 9´56´´

The Human Genome Project: Applications 15´24 ´´ (it must be one of his very first records).

With a similar basic philosophy as Porfessor George Wolfe´s videos, I have found this young biology teacher with his own youtube channel (bozemanbiology) where we can find his homemade online lectures. According to our syllabus and related to this unit I suggest you could find useful these two links:

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Genetics is a matter of practice too.

  • Then by here, you have different genetics problems to practice on-line and get the correct solution at the moment. The most remarkable sections from it according to our syllabus would be these ones:

Incomplete Dominance.

Dihybrid Cross.

Blood types.

Trihybrid Cross.

Sex-Linked Genes.

  • If you still need more practice, here you have a .pdf document with 27 different genetic problems with its answer included.
  • Another .pdf document with some more heredity exercises to solve, this time without solutions in it.

Anyway, if you guess you do not have enough exercises to do from those links you can try for example with this .pdf searching engine.

Ilustración: El Mundo

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Give Peas a Chance.

During the last days we have been studying the basics of genetics with some smart board activities we could understand the three Mendel´s Laws and then we got the genetic vocabulary that we will need in advance.

This is a T-shirt
 design I got here.

Here you are the PPS we have been using.

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