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First give a look at this Evolution game and then watch this video Teacher’s Guide to: Evolutionary theory and answer the quiz questions.





1. Define Evolution.

2. What did Darwin notice thanks to the Beagle voyage?

3. Write the main points of Lamarckian evolution theory.

4. Write the main points of Darwinian evolution theory.

5. Why is Lyell related to Darwin’s theory?

6. When did Darwin do the Beagle voyage?

7. How old was he by then?

8. Explain the key concept he found in the finches to propose his theory.

9. When did he publish the book presenting his theory of evolution? What was the title of this book?

10. What are homologous organs? Give example.

11. Make a list with the evidences of evolution.

12. Who thought of a very similar theory to Darwin´s one?

13. What is the basis of Neodarwinism?

14. What are the causes of variation according to Neodarwinism?

15. Find out what “Co-Evolution” is.



This is a renew version of the webquest that I added at this collaborative blog of CLIL teachers in Aragon:


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by ~AandG

From bitesize you can get accurate and basic information about the Evolution topic

Furthermore, here there is a good Presentation about the evidences of Evolution:

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Illustration by zombra


Linnaeus, Buffon, and Lamarck

Contrasting Lamarck and Darwin

Contrasting Lamarck and Darwin, Part II 

 The Theory of Natural Selection

 Darwin: The Theory of Natural Selection

 Darwin: More Observations

 Darwin: The Voyage Continues

 The Nature of Science: The Story of Darwin

Time Frame for Evolution: Gradualism versu… 

Modes of Selection 

 Population Genetics: Darwin Meets Mendel 

Natural Selection in Action 

Artificial Selection in Action 

Prezygotic Reproductive Isolation 

Understanding Speciation 

Species Concepts 

Postzygotic Reproductive Isolation 

Evidence for Evolution: Vestigial Structures 

Evidence for Evolution: Biochemical… 

Homologous Structures 

Speciation: What Is a Species 

Sympatric Speciation 

Allopatric Speciation  


Building a Cladogram 

Developmental Data for the Phylogenetic Tr… 

Constructing a Phylogenetic Tree of Animal… 

Classifying the Products of Evolution 

Variations within and between Populations 

Microevolution by Genetic Drift 

Microevolution: Continued 

The Perfect Organism 

Human Evolution: The Fossil Record 

Human Evolution: The Family Tree 

Human Evolution: What Is a Primate?

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Speaking about Evolution, it is specially recommended this online activity: the birds eye view of the forest. It is a very clear resource to understand the  peppered moth evolution and the effect of the environment. You can play it on the interactive white board.

You should also try this easy and funny interactive activity on Evolution from the bbc web page. You can also revise Evolution or do the Test

Illustration from this site

This is a similar game to the peppered moth activity but this time it is about worms.

And this is about mating with the correct partner.
On this web you can find four more games related to the transfer of genetic information through generation to make a specie evolve

The interactive Tree of Life is a web in which  you can surf over this interactive Tree of Life, choose the two species you like and see its evolutionary relation.You can also see the documentary narrated by Sir David Attenborough here.

A list of activities on evolution

A good presentation on evolution.

A different one with ecological concepts linked to evolution

And this third one revising cell theory and Natural Selection

Illustration from this site

“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge:

it is those who know little,

and not those who know much,

who so positively assert that this or that problem

will never be solved by science.”

Charles Darwin

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Looking for information about what an educational blog is I have found this science teacher blog, quite interesting, don´t you think?

But now let´s focus on this video in which a creationist gets absolutely ridiculed. You will have some fun with this ironic blond girl.

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