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Even if it lasts some 15 minutes this one is a good resource to understand how the respiratory system works:

This other one: The Respiratory System ,  lasting 3 minutes and a half, is a good video to achieve a general view of the Respiratory System Unit:

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In order to elaborate this practice guide and prepare the heart and lung dissection I found very helpful  this lamb heart dissection video from IES Vila-seca (subtitles written in catalan).

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  • This is a presentation to study this unit about the respiratory system. It includes info about the anatomy, the gas exchange, the difference between breathing and respiration, types of respiration (aerobic and anaerobic) and the main respiratory system disorders.
  • And this is a respiratory system quiz with multiple choice questions to revise this unit.

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This illustration is from Gray's Anatomy, you can find
this marvelous public domain masterpiece at Bartleby

I bring today some links to study the Respiratory System

  • At bbc bitesize web we can find good resources about the Respiratory system, first you should revise The theory about the respiratory system, which includes some good graphics and animations, you can also learn part of that theory through the activity on The respiratory system with a flash explanation about inspiration and expiration and also respiration, at the end you have some questions or you can try the Test but do not forget to check your score.
  • These other activities about the Respiratory System from Mc Graw Hill are really interesting because first you should watch a video or animation abut the topic and then answer the test.

Gas Exchange
Smoking Risks

  • And now another link: This is a complete digital text about Breathing and Respiration (it is from the skool.co.uk web page -KS4 level-)

And for KS3 students (http://lgfl.skoool.co.uk/keystage3.aspx?id=63) you can find similar info about

The Respiratory System

Adaptations of the Alveoli

Gas Exchange

Differences between Inhaled and Exhaled Air



Comparing Respiration and Burning

Chemicals in Cigarette Smoke

Effects of Smoking on the Lungs

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  • Respiratory system. (general)


This 1´31´´ video can be used as a good introduction to start your study of the respiratory system.


Not so good animations but also serious information in this 1´30´´ videopedia article.


It is a video to show the respiratory system anatomy in 1´46´´ using animations mixed with real medical images.


A complete anatomy info from this medical 3D animation. It lasts 1´43´´


This one is a quite simple video made for kids to explain them very easily the parts and processes of the respiratory system (3´55´´)


In this video from teachers.tv, at 7´30´´ there is a short video with a lung dissection well explained by the teacher, it could be a good introduction for a future practice in the laboratory. And there is also an explanation about the effect of asthma on the airways.

  • Gas Exchange


With this short video we understand the function of lungs providing oxygen to the blood. : the gas exchange; explaining the relation between ventilation and physical exercise.


Short and clear video to understand the Gas Exchange concept.

  • Respiratory system diseases


A very clear video to understand the effects of asthma (it lasts just 1´16´´)


In this video (almost 2 minutes) we can see the structure of haemoglobine and the effects of smoking.

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