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This is an activity to acquire and practice drugs refusal skills in teenagers. Specially prepared for 3º ESO Biology- 15 years-

You could start the session speaking about the bad habits and their consequences in the human body from the different system (cardiovascular, locomotive, nervous, respiratory, etc)

This one is good drug test from BBC to set the subject:

After this warming up activities  kids should understand the importance to be able to choose and say yes or no by oneself.
To practice refusal skills plus some other  role play activities related to the drugs effects check out this presentation:

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The nervous sytem presentation. Here you are:

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The last lab practice that we did with 3º ESO was the “Eye dissection“.

To do this practice we used the brilliant resources about the  Cow’s Eye Dissection from the San Francisco Museum of science, art and human perception: Exploratorium, even if we dissected sheep´s eye (as you can see in the picture).

This web page includes  a video, tips, diagrams and a very useful step by step protocole to do the practice (Download here the step-by-step instructions -from exploratorium)

And now some pics from that day…

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I havve found these useful lessons about the senses from The Children’s University of Manchester (Interactive, online learning for key stage 2 from The University of Manchester, even if our syllabus fits ks3 and 4, we can get a profit from this good visual resources)

About the ear: How do we hear? –You will learn the anatomy of the ear, how it works, and some curious data. By the mid lesson there is a labelling activity and at the end a Quiz.

Same plot about the eye: How do we see?

In the brain and senses Unit from this web page we can find also information about our body’s control centre (the brain)  smell, taste and sensitivity of the skin.

Games: Time to play? Then here you are a Brain and Senses word search or you can try finding the matching pairs!

Here and here we have some optical ilusions.




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Talking about Control and Coordination, we started the Nervous System unit watching this awareness test. It takes only one minute but you should sit down, relax and pay attention in order to answer the question “How many passes does the team in white make?”

Once we have had this funny and strange experience it is a good moment to start learning how does our nervous system works.


A nervous sytem introduction with its parts, and description of a neuron (1´34´´).


This is a simple video, like a power point presentation but very well narrated by a teacher (http://www.leslie-samuel.com) who explains us the parts of a neuron and the three different types of neurons (4´57´´).


The neural synapse (1´02´´).


Just in 31 seconds you can easily understand the reflex arc.


With this youtube video (1´16´) you can learn the anatomy of the brain.

In this other video, a medical 3D animation, you can also identify where the different parts of the brain are.

May be this little singing mouse can also help you remembering different parts of the brain.


Let´s understand what a brain stroke is (1´34´´).

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