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If you are one of those students with a photographic memory then this “Skele­ton Typogram” gives you the oportunity to learn the main bones just  in a look.

(Work by “Aaron Kuehn you can find more  at his page)

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In order to learn about the locomotive system we made a funny activity using the interactive white board and also the skeleton model.

As a group of three or four was labelling some bones on the skeleton at one part of the classroom, the rest of the students were playing interactive games on the white board. Games like “Whack-A-Boneand Poke-A-Muscle.

The flashcards to label the skeleton have both: the English and Spanish name of the bone, but also the common and the more scientific name (like shoulder blade for scapula) and even there is a number to indicate how many of this bones we have in our body (v.gr. scapula -2-).

During these sessions, Johanna the assistant teacher was also in the classroom, so with the two of us inside we could better manage these activities.

We had fun and we learnt, that´s perfect.

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This is the presentation for the Skeletal and Muscular systems, you will find some useful web resources by the end of it.

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Before starting playing you should review the skeletal and muscular systems. In this web page (http://www.getbodysmart.com/menu.html) you have a complete set of pages to study the different systems of our body, these ones that I have chosen will help you with the study of main bones and muscles in our body.



Image by RYAN MCGINLEY, I found it through
 this wonderful illustration blog by Littleisdrawing

Here we have a couple of puzzles to study in a visual way, quite easy ones:

Skeletal & Muscular.

Some more games to match and learn bones and muscles are



If you really want to keep on playing and learning at the same time, try with these games:


I suggest trying these last ones with the smart board in the classroom, it could be funny.

Another image by RYAN MCGINLEY, I found it through
 the wonderful illustration blog by Littleisdrawing

And thanks to http://thinkanatomy.com/ I have found these sources of free Anatomical images

An anatomy image bank with images from The Sourcebook of Medical Illustration (The Parthenon Publishing Group, P. Cull, ed., 1989) they are copyright-free as long as they are used for educational purposes: http://msjensen.cehd.umn.edu/imagebank/

Wikimedia Anatomical Illustrations by Patrick J. Lynch: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Patrick_Lynch

And last but not least the always amazing Gray´s Anatomy: http://www.bartleby.com/107/

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Hands are fundamental in the human locomotive system. Grasping objects, climbing trees, developing tools, hitchhiking,… there is a clear relationship between free hands (due to bipedal locomotion) and brain evolution.

Once  I have said that, just for fun have a look at this video.

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