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This is the Endocrine system presentation seen in the classroom.

You will find some IGCSE questions at the final part.


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This one is a very simple review about endocrine system designed for kids but it can also be useful to fix the main concepts about it.

This professor´s online lecture is a wonderful finding for self-learning students. even if this lesson´s level is higher than what we have studied you can find it interesting. You can also check his lesson about Nervous system here. Every lesson is about 9 minutes, not much taking into account that he is summarizing the whole lesson. It is a good example of our learning and teaching possibilities through the web (bozemanbiology is his youtube channel can be useful).

Hereby a simple and brief overview of the endocrine system with a general comparison to the nervous system plus the explanation of Diabetes, type 1 and type 2. (2´21´´)

Diabetes is also explained in this second video, it is about 1´ long.

Another video, 1 minute long with a general revision of the endocrine system and the example of insulin.

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