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On  a day like today:December 3, 1967, South African surgeon Christiaan Barnard conducted the first heart transplant .

So today is a great opportunity to introduce her this CLIL activity we develop with assistant teacher mixing our Cardiovascular system topic with some idioms and quotes related to the heart.

BuenosDias- zombra

Illustration: Good morning by zombra

At the beginning: a first relaxed-activity  to warm up and review.

You can ask them to tell you what are we studying… and they tell you it is the cardiovascular system.

 Quotes and idioms.

Then you could read some quotes or poems related to heart and / or blood.Ask questions to the kids about the quotes. Why the presence of words like heart or blood in them?


Vipin Sharma:
Love the heart that hurts you, but never hurt the heart that loves you.



Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.


Some more quotes


And then idioms, what do they think it means…

Idioms from here



 Cardiovascular system questions.

Coming back to the cardiovascular science topic, not so far from poetry, you can as them to explain you:

What is the function of heart?

Draw the heart on the whiteboard

What chambers does it have?

Types of blood vessels? Differences-

Functions of blood?

What is diastole?

And systole?

Heart diseases.

Then we can get to the topic: heart diseases:

What cardiovascular diseases do they know? Let´s focus on heart attack, angina, hemophilia and blood clot.

What are the risk factors for these diseases? Let´s distinguish internal factors (as genetics) and external (diet and life style –exercise, smoking).

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This is the Cardiovascular system QUIZ
used to review this unit, it includes a first link to a crossword on the topic Circulatory system, then some test questions taken from IGCSE papers, a heart diagram to be labelled and finally a link to another test but this one about the heart.

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In order to elaborate this practice guide and prepare the heart and lung dissection I found very helpful  this lamb heart dissection video from IES Vila-seca (subtitles written in catalan).

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De esta web ( Wired Science ) que explora de alguna forma ciertos campos límite de la ciencia, he encontrado una serie de vídeos mezclando música y ciencia. Traigo aquí un ejemplo para presentar el funcionamiento e importancia del Corazón, letra en castellano con subtítulos en inglés, la música suficientemente hortera y  horrorosa. Un castigo de canción que cuando menos resulta casi tan graciosa como insoportable.  Pero si este es tu estilo de música te puede servir para repasar el Sistema cardiovascular.

Pero si se trata de repasar el corazón con música yo me quedo sin duda con este otro tema de la película “Amanece que no es poco“, una  joya del surrealismo humorísitico de José Luis Cuerda.

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We have seen part of this power point presentation about the Cardiovascular  System, so I recommend you to review it before the exam.

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Now that we are getting to the heart and soul of this Unit about the Cardiovascular System, I want to share with you some youtube videos related to it, maybe this post helps you to set your heart on studying harder for our next exam.

Ilustración zombra
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3ZDJgFDdk0
    In less than 3 minutes you can recieve an animated master class about the circulatory system, how the heart works, what is diastole, what is systole, and so on. Do not miss this video before a cardiovascular system exam

To get the proper translation of the first idioms visit this dictionary.

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I would like to open some windows to the students with this blog, life is not only studying biology and geology all the time and that is why I cannot avoid bringing here a part of my hobbies.  Sometimes I post just to to share with you an illustration or photograph that I like. It is this case, a Claudia Rogge photograph that I find quite nice to illustrate in an artistic way the Circulatory System unit.

I found her in La caja de los hilos.

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